Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Langkau Betang (LANTANG): Jurnal Arsitektur, is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, publishing scholarly writings about Architecture and its related discussion periodically. The aims of this journal are to disseminate research findings, ideas, and review in architectural studies


  1. Building (architecture) and Urban/Regional Study: theory, history, technology, landscape and site planning, behavioral, social and cultural, structure and construction, traditional architecture, criticism, digital architecture, urban design /planning, housing and settlements, and other related discussions
  2. Architecture Education and Practice: curriculum/studio development, work opportunities and challenges, globalization, locality, professionalism, code of ethics, project managerial, financing, etc.
  3. Review of Architectural Works

Original research findings, preliminary research communication, conception or ideas, models and simulation, extended conference papers, professional reviews, case studies and comparative study, reviews of design works, and survey

Faculty members, researchers, practitioners, graduate students, and public who have the competence

Indonesian or English

Langkau Betang; Jurnal Arsitektur Universitas Tanjungpura (LANTANG UNTAN) adalah jurnal ilmiah berkala yang berisikan tulisan-tulisan ilmiah tentang arsitektur. Secara umum, bidang ilmiah LANTANG UNTAN akan melingkupi:

  1. Kajian Arsitektur (teori, sejarah, teknologi, landskap-tapak-lingkungan, perilaku, sosial budaya, struktur dan konstruksi, arsitektur tradisional, kritik arsitektur, arsitektur digital, dan bidang arsitektur lainnya yang relevan)
  2. Kajian Pendidikan dan Praktek Arsitektur (isu-isu kurikulum, studio, kajian, peluang/tantangan kerja, globalisasi, lokalitas, profesionalitas, kode etik dan proyek, menejerial, pembiayaan, dan lain-lain)
  3. Tinjauan (review) Karya Arsitektur (hasil karya praktisi/arsitek atau mahasiswa)
  4. Selain itu, terbuka pula kesempatan untuk artikel ilmiah bidang ilmu lainnya yang dapat menjadi bahan diskusi interdisiplin dan menambah wawasan arsitektural, seperti: kajian perencanaan dan pengembangan wilayah/kota, perancangan kota, perumahan dan permukiman, lingkungan, ekonomi pembangunan, kebijakan, pariwisata, dan lain-lain


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

  1. Submitted manuscript will be reviewed by Editor in accordance with the journal scope and focus
  2. After a manuscript is reviewed, it screened with ithenticate to detect and prevent plagiarism. The accepted similarity index is range between 20-25% (raw score)
  3. If a manuscript is approved, Editor then forwards the manuscript to Reviewers to review the substance of the manuscript. In addition, Editors and Reviewers can give a suggestion in order to improve the manuscript. The scoring guide can be accessed at here
  4. Editors or Reviewers are eligible to change and improve the spelling, writing, and grammar without reducing the principal substance from the manuscript
  5. The Editor's decision is absolute
  6. The review length of time maybe varies, please be patient (Review period: June-July and December-January)


Open Access Policy

This journal is an Open Access Journal. Readers allow to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of its articles and allow to use them for any other lawful purpose