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Abstract - The presence of transportation infrastructure have a very close effect on the national economy, considering the activity on the field of transport activity contribute to the distribution of goods and services to the entire country and between countries. West Kalimantan mostly located in the coastal marine area (western part of the island of Borneo) and partly upstream areas crossed by large rivers, thus allowing abundant water transportation. The research of port area mapping geographic information systems in the province of West Kalimantan uses forward chaining approach as a main method of research. This method has a function to trace the progress of a presupposition of a sampled cases which have determinant variables including vehicle volume, passenger volume, the dock port and sea port operations time. In determining the required port class user role in incorporating elements of assessment resulting in a mapping of the port area of the province with certain classes. Geographic Information System is designed to facilitate tabular data, spatial data port and port-related variable data. The output of the report table and mapping of sea port area as a source of data for Stake Holders and the general public because the existing system is using a web-based design to determine the port area development planning in the province of West Kalimantan.




database, forward chaining, web

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