Perancangan Sistem Monitoring Konsultasi Bimbingan Akademik Mahasiswa dengan Notifikasi Realtime Berbasis SMS Gateway

Jurista Purnama Jumri


Guidance, consultancy and discussion
between students and lecturer are an activity that
supports the smooth and effective learning process
in university, and also facilitate the process of re-list
semester. Therefore, an online web-based
monitoring system with real time notification is
designed. This system aims is allowing students and
lecturer to consult, facilitating students to design
courses to be taken in the next half of the semester
on the re-registration process, and allowing all users
to access the system data on the system either via
computer, mobile phone, iPad and other
communication devices that support. In addition to
web-based communication services, this system also
required communication service to support the
system efficiency by using SMS (Short Message
Service) gateway feature. SMS gateway can
perform transactions with database to send a
notification message update of the system to all
students and lecturers in real time.


Guidance, consultancy, semester reregistration process, monitoring system, real time, SMS

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