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Faculty of Engineering University of
Tanjungpura as one of the government educational
institutions take an active role in the intellectual life
of the nation, requiring infrastructure and take
advantage of advances in information technology to
achieve optimal results, such as the internet. The
development of the Internet and network lately has
made IP (Internet Protocol), which is the backbone
of networking-based TCP / IP is rapidly becoming
obsolete. QoS (Quality of Service) is technology that
applied to the WAN (Wide Area Network) that
allows network administrators to be able to handle
a variety of effects due to congestion (congestion) on
the traffic flow of packets in the network. QoS
parameters are delay / latency, jitter, packet loss,
throughput, MOS, echo cancellation and PDD. QoS
parameters that measured are delay, jitter,
throughtput, packet loss and MOS (Mean Opinion
Score). Result of measurement of QoS parameters
that have been made, value delay was 3.39 with
good index, jitter was 1.50 with bad index,
throughput was 1 with bad index, packet loss was 4
with very good index and MOS was 2.34 with less
than good index, so the average total of QoS
parameters was 2.45 with index Enough and with
it’s percentage was 61.25% in the TIPHON
standard, thus it can be concluded that the internet
of Faculty of Engineering University of
Tanjungpura belonging to unsatisfactory standard
based on the standard of TIPHON (Joesman 2008)
with a rating of < 95%.


Internet, QoS, QoS Parameters, TIPHON

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