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In the widespread research study using
the Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) will be
more effective than other tools. Where information
technology has an important role in human activity.
Can be seen from the awareness of the role of
information technology is increasingly widespread
in a variety of human activities to the whole society
as well as in education. But at this time of learning
for the children yet to be implemented in early
childhood early childhood in West Kalimantan are
still manual is with other people who are called
intermediary or intermediaries teaching writing
and drawing in the book so that the learning
process is sometimes very tedious and inefficient.
According to a survey conducted in 30 children and
the active role of the parents who accompany the
respondents said that children are more likely to be
happy playing than learning. Thus the design of the
program was made based multimedia learning
application for early childhood in order to assist in
facilitating the delivery of learning while playing
compared to oral delivery tailored to aspects that
exist in the CAI. Where CAI are also many
different forms dependent skill learning designers
and developers, can be shaped the game (games),
teach abstract concepts are then dikonkritkan in the
form of audio-visual and animated. Once the
software design is complete then tested by the
method of User Acceptance Test (UAT). The test
results have shown that the learning program can
be used as an alternative in understanding learning


Computer assisted instruction (CAI), multimedia, educational learning

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