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The development of the utilization of internet and web-based programming provides
many benefits. One of the benefit is the reduction in the website must to interact directly in the
real world and was replaced by various possibility cyberspace interactions are supported by a
variety of facilities, such as online tour, where visitors may like to visit a place online through
interactivity and interface look the website. However, the design and creation of virtual online
tour that requires experts to make its development hampered. Therefore, it is needed an
application that could help the tourist or hospitality in making the website with a virtual online
tour format by using a raster image files with a standard format to promote its place, without
having to master the specialized web programming or using the services of experts. System
design using the unified modeling language for systems modeling process so that applications
can run as needed. Meanwhile, the research method are using the concept of multifunction, that
applied to the content management system to make the application can be customized by users
according to their needs, and using the black box testing method that assisted with a
questionnaire. The results of the questionnaire showed that the system can work well and be
accepted by users, and also can help the user to create a virtual online tour website better.


Image map, content management system, virtual online tour, website, unified modelling language, black box.

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