JURISTI (Jurnal Riset Sains dan Teknologi Informatika)

JURISTI is a scientific journal that can be accessed openly. JURISTI scope covers various topics in the field of informatics/computer science. JURISTI aims to publish research results and thoughts among academics, researchers, scientists, and practitioners in the field of informatics/computer science so that they are freely available to the public, and support the exchange of knowledge. Paper writing must follow the JURISTI template and be written in Indonesian. The paper submitted is original and has never been published before, has never been submitted to another journal, or is in the process of being reviewed in another journal. Submitted papers will be processed in double-blind peer review. The structure of the writing of the paper must be in accordance with the author's guidelines. Accepted papers will be available online (open access). JURISTI is published by Jurusan Informatika, Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Tanjungpura, two times a year (March, September).

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