Jurnal Teknik Sipil ISSN:p.1412-3676 e. 2621-8429 is a journal published by the Department of Civil Engineering, Universitas Tanjungpura (UNTAN), Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

This journal publishes the results of research, studies, concepts, and policies in the field of civil engineering that has never been published, through a peer review process by reliable reviewers in the related field with a national and international reputation.

For Volume 22, 2022 edition, JTS was published twice, on June 17 and December 17. For volume 23, the Year 2023, and so on, JTS will be published four times a year, every February 28, May 28, Augustus 28, and November 28. Each issue consists of 5-20 articles published in English.

Since Volume 23 No.1, which was published on February 28, 2023, the journal template has changed, which can be seen at the following link. Journals that are accepted and qualified to be published will receive a Letter of Acceptance.

The manuscripts that we will publish are manuscripts in the field of civil engineering and its applications such as (1) Construction and building materials (materials science and engineering, construction engineering, forensic engineering, construction management); (2) Structural and earthquake engineering (structural engineering, earthquake engineering); (3) Water Science and Engineering (water resources engineering, hydraulic engineering, water resources management, urban water, etc); (4) Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering; (5) Transportation Engineering (traffic management, highway planning, highway pavement, port planning, airport planning, etc); (6) Environmental Engineering; (7) Ocean and Marine Engineering; (8) Urban Engineering (Urban Planning, Urban Drainage) and (9) Surveying Engineering (Land Surveying, Construction Surveying), which have been accepted through peer review by experts who are competent in their fields, who are members of the editorial board and reviewers and approved by the editor in chief.
JTS welcomes contributions that promote the exchange of ideas and rational discourse between practicing educators and civil engineering researchers worldwide to disseminate new ideas and research results with a significant potential impact on humankind.

JTS is dedicated to advancing the boundaries of knowledge and technology by encouraging cross-disciplinary research and innovative applications in major engineering projects and intends to capture and archive promptly and in one venue significant advancements in a broad field that encompasses.


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Vol 23, No 2 (2023): JURNAL TEKNIK SIPIL EDISI MEI 2023

Table of Contents

Vol.23 No.2 Mei 2023

Edi Gampo, SB Soeryamassoeka, Kartini Kartini
Mohamad Syarief Fateh Hidayatulloh, Hary Moetriono
Franzsio Gratio Tambunan, Elsa Tri Mukti, Siti Nurlaily Kadarini
M . Rafi, Wateno Oetomo