Bioekologi Ikan Baung (Hemibagrus nemurus, Val. 1840) di Hilir Sungai Kapuas Desa Radak Kecamatan Terentang Kabupaten Kubu Raya

Manami Nimura, Widadi Padmarsari Soetignya, Inpurwanto Inpurwanto


This research focuses on the bioecology of Asian Redtail Catfish (Hemibagrus nemurus) in the downstream of the Kapuas River, Radak Village, Terentang Sub-district, Kubu Raya District. It was conducted from June to September 2020. It aims to identify the relationship between biological aspects including distribution and food habits with the habitats of catfish in the downstream of Kapuas River. It used a purposive random sampling method by selecting the research location based on differences in the environmental setting. The research area was divided into three stations consisting of Station I, which is far from residential areas and bordering secondary forest. Station II is the meeting point of Kapuas River and the Creek of Radak River. Then, station III is close to residential areas. The distribution of catfish could be found in all three stations at a certain time with the highest abundance at station II. The food habit of catfish was considered carnivorous with a length of RGL <1 with the main food of shrimps with an IP percentage of 41.55%, followed by fish and insects as complementary foods with an IP percentage of 27.45% and 19.6% respectively. The ISC value of catfish ranged from 0.8-1.9%. The water condition in the downstream of the Kapuas River is still balanced for the life of catfish.

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