Author Guidelines

Authors interested in publishing their articles must follow the terms of writing that have been determined by SEA managers (article templates).

1. SEA is published twice a year in April and December.

2. Submitted articles shall be in the socio-economic field of agriculture.

3. Submitted articles are articles that have not been published in other journals.

4. Articles can be written in Indonesian or English.

5. Articles are written using MS. Word with white background and A4 paper size (210 mm x 297 mm).

6. Submitted articles on page 

7. Submitted articles should consist of: 

Title: Should be able to describe the contents of the article. The name of the authors and affiliates, as well as the same author's first email, are written under the heading.

Abstract: written in English maximum of 250 words that explain background, purpose, method, and result which is concise and clear.

Keyword: maximum of 5 words in English that are considered most relevant to the article. Keywords written in English are arranged alphabetically and separated by commas (,).

Introduction: should be able to explain the background, issues, problem formulation, objectives, well written, and systematic literary studies. 

Methodology: this section describes the research methods undertaken by the writer, such as the type of research, population, sample, time of the study, analytical tools, and others.

Result and discussion: show and discuss the result of the research that has been done. The result of the study should be able to answer the research objectives.

Conclusion and suggestion: conclusion: conclusion that are the answers to the objectives of the study. The number of conclusions is tailored to the number of goals. Suggestions are given in accordance with the conclusions that have been submitted. 

Acknowledgments: included when needed. In this section, the writer expresses gratitude to parties who contribute to research or the completion of articles that have been done by the author. If not, then this section can be removed. 

Bibliography: based on APA Style (6th Edition).

You can download journal template for the complete requirements.


Authors Fees

This journal charges the following author's fees.

Submitted article: free

Process review: free

Publication of article + hardcopy/printed version: 750.000 IDR (if the article has been approved for publication, you will be asked to pay an article publication fee to cover publications cost