The Effect of Communication Behavior on Communication Convergence Increasing the Capacity of Horticultural Farmers in Pekanbaru City

Melati Gadis Medta, Roza Yulida, Arifudin Arifudin


The convergence era has pushed the process of telecommunications globalization and information services, which has made all forms of information possible. An understanding of the use of communication media and the factors of communication behavior needs to be done so that farmers can take advantage of access to information appropriately in increasing farmers self-capacity. This study aims to: (1) describe the elements of communication, communication behavior, and communication convergence to increase the capacity of horticultural farmers in Pekanbaru. (2) Analyzing the factors that influence the communication behavior of horticultural farmers. (3) Analyzing the effect of communication behavior on communication convergence towards increasing the capacity of horticultural farmers. The research data was collected using a questionnaire through interviews with 161 respondents of horticultural farmers who are members of farmer groups. Data analysis was carried out by descriptive analysis and inferential statistical analysis using SEM LISREL. The results of SEM analysis show the factors that influence communication behavior significantly and positively by external characteristics and communication media. Then communication behavior has a significant and positive effect on communication convergence to increase the capacity of horticultural farmers.


Capacity building, Communication behavior, Convergence.

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