STRUKTUR ANATOMI AKAR, BATANG DAN DAUN Citrus (Citrus aurantifolia (Cristm.) Swingle, Citrus madurensis Lour, Citrus nobilis L. var. microcarpa) DI KALIMANTAN BARAT

Nurul Khasanah, Mukarlina Mukarlina, Zulfa Zakiah


Citrus is an annual fruit originating from Asia. Several types of Citrus that are widely cultivated in West Kalimantan are C. aurantifolia (Cristm.) Swingle, C. madurensis Lour and C. nobilis L. var microcarpa. The three types of citrus can be distinguished based on the morphology of the leaves and fruit. Specific plant characters morphologically and anatomically can be used to differentiate between species. This study aims to compare the anatomical structures of roots, stems and leaves of three types of citrus, namely Citrus (Citrus aurantifolia (Cristm.) Swingle , C. madurensis Lour and C. nobilis L. var. microcarpa) in West Kalimantan. The research was carried out from March to July 2021. Preparations for the root organ incisions were made using the non-embedding method, stem and leaf organ incision preparations were made using the embedding method and stomata preparations were made using the leaf boiling method. The results showed that the tissues that make up the roots, stems and leaves of the three types of Citrus had differences in the thickness of the root and stem cortex layers, the thickness of the stem and leaf epidermis layers and the thickness of the leaf mesophyll C. aurantifolia (Cristm.) Swingle has a parasitic type of stomata, while C. madurensis Lour and C. nobilis L. var microcarpa have a cyclocytic stomata type. The average value of stomata index in C. aurantifolia was 25.8%, C. madurensis 24.68% and C. nobilis 23.85%.


Anatomical structures; Citrus aurantifolia (Cristm.) Swingle; Citrus madurensis Lour; Citrus nobilis L. var microcarpa; Stomata

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