Jenis-jenis Anggrek Epifit di Hutan Bukit Luncit Kecamatan Anjongan Kabupaten Mempawah

Indra Purnama, Elvi Rusmiyanto Pancaning Wardoyo, Riza Linda


Orchids (Family Orchidaceae) are one of the components of biodiversity in ecosystems such as the epiphytic orchids of West Kalimantan which are endangered due to forest destruction. This research aims to found out the types of epiphytic orchids in the forest area of Bukit Luncit, Anjongan Sub-district. The research was carried out from May to July 2015 using the cruise method. Research finding showed that there were 9 genera of orchids divided into 12 species of epiphytic orchids i.e. Aerides odorata, Bulbophyllum lepidum, Bulbophyllum vaginatum, Cymbidium finlaysonianum, Dendrobium crumenatum, Dendrobium oblongum,
Dendrobium smithianum, Luisia curtisii, Micropera fuscolutea, Pomatocalpa latifolia, Thrixspermum
centipeda and Trichoglottis bipenicillata.


Orchid, Orchidaceae, Epiphytes, Bukit Luncit



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