Journal History

The first edition of POSITRON, Volume 1 (Vol. 1) Issue Number 1 (No. 1), was published in November 2011. This volume consists of only one issue and nine articles. Starting from Vol. 2, Jurnal Positron is published periodically twice: in May and November. Each issue in the corresponding volume contains a minimum of five articles. 

In its early development, POSITRON was published in the printed version, ISSN: 2301-4970 (print). Since Vol. 6 No. 2, the electronic version, ISSN: 2549-936X (online), was introduced to widen the dissemination of the journal.

POSITRON has also been putting serious effort into recognizing itself in national and international academic databases. As a result, since Vol. 5 No.1 POSITRON is indexed by Portal Garuda, and Science and Technology Index (SINTA). Additionally, since Vol 7 No. 2, other academic search engines, namely, Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ), Google Scholar, Sinta, Garuda, and Dimensions include POSITRON in their databases.

To improve the reference-linking systems of the article, since 2017, articles published in POSITRON have a unique digital object identifier (DOI) from Crossref.

Jurnal POSITRON is accreditated SINTA 2 by RISTEKDIKTI from Volume 8 (2018) onward to 5 years.