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Taxes are often involved in every activity or transaction carried out by the community. Taxpayers will have tax awareness if they know what the functions of tax are and know that there are laws that regulate it. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out massive tax outreach or education. Providing tax education from the start can increase public awareness regarding tax obligations. Tax education through TikTok media can become the main focus of education or outreach carried out by the government. The research uses descriptive methods with a qualitative approach. Data collection used used interview techniques, documentation, and triangulation. There were 95.65% of respondents who had never received tax education or training. Then, only 43.48% of respondents had heard and knew the term DJP. Next, only 26.09% of respondents had ever registered and entered the DJP online application. Tiktok has become a famous platform in the current era, but @ditjenpajakri's tiktok followers are only 195,800. DJP does not involve TikTok celebrities or viral artists to be involved in helping socialize taxation. Netizens' questions in the comments column on @ditjenpajakri's tiktok content were not answered by the account administrator.


Education; Tax; Tiktok

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