Inka Febriyanti, Entin Daningsih, Asriah Nurdini Mardiyyaningsih


The atlas media contained submaterial structure and function of plant
tissue class XI equipped with leaf tissue in condition different lights
are created to help students distinguish between tissues in leaf organs.
The purpose of this research is to compiling and knowing the
validation of media atlas in learning submaterial structure and function
of plant tissue class XI. Method is descriptive quantitative. Atlas made
through pre-production, production, and post-production. Instrument
validation used are questionnaire instruments and media questionnaire
consist of four aspects, namely presentation, content, language, and
usage with 21 points of assessment indicators. Questionnaire
validation instrument conducted by 2 lecturers of Biology Education
FKIP Tanjungpura University and questionnaire media was carried out
by five validators (3 biology teachers’ class XI and 2 lecturers of
Biology Education FKIP Tanjungpura University) with a likert scale.
The results of the validation were analyzed according to Lawshe. The
instrument validation results showed that the instrument is feasible
used and the validation results of the atlas media obtained CVI value
of 0.94. Aspects of language and usage obtain a minimum value of
Lawshe, but the presentation aspect only obtained CVI 0.95 and the
content aspect obtained CVI 0.88 so that it requires previous repairs
media can be used in the learning process.

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