Nabila Sri Wulandari, Sesilia Seli, Agus Wartiningsih


This study aims to find out objectively about women through the characters in the novel Athirah by Alberthiene Endah. This research uses a feminist approach. The research method employed is descriptive research using a qualitative approach. The novel Athirah by Alberthiene Endah is the source of this study data, and the data represents a type of injustice experienced by women, a form of women's struggle, and society's perspectives on female characters. Study findings in the form of words, phrases, clauses, or sentences are used to integrate them into Indonesian language instruction. According to the findings, women face marginalization, subordination, stereotypes, violence, and dual workloads. The instances are: marginalization, Puang Aji remarried without Athirah’s agreement; subordination, Puang Aji made a decision without involving Athirah; stereotype, Athirah gets a negative label; psychic violence, Athirah gets insults; and double workload, Athirah does both household chores and assists Puang Aji in trade matters. In the form of a struggle of female figures, when Athirah is subjected to polygamy and society gossips about her, she fights for her rights. The findings of this study may be applied as teaching materials for class XII SMA in the 2013 curriculum, which includes Basic Competencies 3.9 Novel content and language analysis; and 4.9 Novel or novelette design with a focus on content and language.

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