Kristin Tira Ayuasari, Agung Hartoyo, Silvia Sayu


This study aims to describe what ethnomathematics exists in the
activities of woven bamboo craftsmen and to describe what
mathematical concepts are contained in the activities of woven
bamboo craftsmen in the Sukake community. The method used in
this research is descriptive method. This research was conducted in
the Menyuke Community (Setolo Hamlet). Data collection
techniques in this study are observation, interviews and
documentation. Data analysis techniques in data analysis activities
researchers need to carry out three analytical activities that must be
carried out, namely: data reduction (Data Reduction), data
presentation (Display Data), and drawing conclusions/verification
(Yusuf, 2014: p.407). From the results of observations and
interviews, the results of this study contained ethnomathematics and
mathematics concepts in the activities of woven bamboo craftsmen in
the Menyuke community. namely ethnomathematics activities of
measuring and designing while in the concept of mathematics there
are the concepts of set, comparison, measurement, geometric
concepts, comparison and folding symmetry. The conclusions
obtained from this study are ethnomathematics in measuring,
designing activities As for the mathematical concepts that appear in
the activities of woven bamboo craftsmen, namely: the mathematical
concept of set, comparison, the mathematical concept of
measurement, the mathematical concept of parallel line geometry.
and the mathematical concept of folding symmetry.)

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26418/jppk.v12i6.66037


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