Bukari Bukari, Uray Gustian, Touvan Juni Samodra


Futsal is a sport that requires a lot of basic technical skills. One sport that really requires the ability to play futsal skills. The ability to play is one way how a player is able to master the game. By improving the basic techniques, adjustments and support in the game.. So that when you control the ball it is less effective to control it. So for that in need of directed and appropriate training. One of them is playing practice, so that players don't get bored while doing practice. A good training model is the Teaching Game for Understanding (TGfU) training model. The purpose of this research is to find out how effective the effect of the Teaching Game for Understanding training model is on the ability to play futsal. This research method uses the experimental method "pretest posttest group design". The subject of this research is the futsal extracurricular club at Pancasila Kubu Raya Vocational School. Data collection using GPAI. Data analysis used the statistical calculation of the Wilcoxon test, previously carried out the normality and homogeneity tests. The tactical game training model with the results of the ability to play futsal obtained a significance value of 0.004 <0.05 so there is already a significant difference. So there is an influence of the teaching game for understanding training model on the ability to play futsal. Keywords: practice playing futsal teaching game for understanding (TGfU.

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