Mathilda Agusta Vianne, Sugiatno Sugiatno, Silvia Sayu


This research is motivated by the limited support given to students in understanding the concept of trigonometry. This study aims to describe the potential of student learning trajectories at certain trigonometry angles. Qualitative research methods were used by archiving research objectives and with tests followed by interviews with six students of class XI IPA at SMA Negeri 3 Sanggau. After analyzing the data, it was revealed that the test results could not describe the potential of student learning trajectories. However, after following up with supporting interviews, it was revealed the potential trajectory of their learning about certain points of view. The achievement of exploring potential learning trajectories between students' cognitive structures through providing support in trigonometry special angle material can be seen in the following indicators. As much as 90% of the number of subjects, know the elements in trigonometry comparisons. 85% of the subjects were able to conclude and find trigonometry comparisons of special angles with the unit circle. 85% of the subjects were able to accurately find the values of the ratio of special angles using the unit circle, but were still constrained because the method used was new and had never been taught by subject teachers at school. As much as 90% of the number of subjects were enthusiastic in learning and actively participating during research because the material provided by researchers provided new experiences for students. This was found by researchers during the second interview. Suggestions that can be conveyed based on the results of this study, are that teachers and prospective teachers should be more creative in choosing learning models in applying learning trajectories to build potential student learning trajectories in an effort to increase cognitive knowledge in conceptual understanding of mathematics.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26418/jppk.v12i4.64763


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