Agustinus Endang, F. Y Khosmas, Haris Firmansyah


This study aims to describe the Preservation and Cultural Meaning of
Nyangahatn in the Naik Dango Ceremony of the Dayak Kanayatn Tribe in
Keranji Paidang Village, Sengah Temila District, Landak Regency. This study
uses a qualitative method with a descriptive-ethnographic approach. Data
collection techniques used are observation, interviews and documentation. The
data collection tools are observation guides, interview guides and
documentation tools. The data analysis technique used is data reduction, data
presentation and conclusion. Testing the validity of the data is using
triangulation which consists of triangulation of sources and triangulation of
techniques. The results of this study indicate: (1) Preservation of Nyangahatn
in Oto Ledang hamlet is preserved through every implementation of traditional
ceremonies and is carried out sacredly without reducing the value and meaning
contained therein. Therefore there is also a traditional ceremony, Nyangahatn,
Nyangahatn as a prayer or prayer reading at each ceremony which will be
carried out by the community and the next generation in Oto Ledang Hamlet.
(2) The Nyangahatn process at the Naik Dangodi Ceremony of Oto Ledang
Hamlet is divided into two parts and several places, namely Nyangahatn Manta
and Masak (raw and cooked). (3) the related meaning contained in Nyangahatn
At Naik Dango Ceremony is an expression of gratitude for what farmers have
achieved in farming for one season, so that farmers hold the Naik Dango
Ceremony by conveying a prayer of thanksgiving, gratitude to Jubata for the
results harvest through prayers said by a Panyangahatn or called Nyangahatn.

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