Rusli Rusli, Endang Susilawati, Urai Salam


This study focuses on utilizing a board game to teach eighth-graders at SMPN 8 Parit Bugis Kubu the basic present tense. The goal of this study is to determine whether playing a board game has an impact on the eighth-grade students at SMPN 8 Parit Bugis' use of the simple present tense. The researcher used the pre-experimental approach in this study. The participants were students from SMPN 8 Parit Bugis' eighth grade. One class of 15 students served as the research sample. Pre-test and post-test portions of the data collection tool that the researcher used to create the test were utilised. The researcher used SPSS program version statistics 24 to evaluate the data after administering pre- and post-tests. The study's findings demonstrate that the students' pre- and post-test mean scores were similar. After teaching the simple present tense with a board game, the statistics are calculated. (53.5097.00) The pre-test mean score is lower than the post-test mean score. The researcher discovers that p = 0.00 and alpha = 0.05, resulting in p = 0.00 and 0.05. The researcher comes to the conclusion that the alternative hypothesis (H1) is accepted and the null hypothesis (H0) is rejected. Therefore, board games can help kids develop their elementary present tense skills. In relation to the second research question, this study demonstrated that students have a favorable reaction to the use of board games. Board games helped the students develop their structural abilities and produced good learning outcomes for the grammar learning process.

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