Ryska Nurzuliani, M. Syukri, Dian Miranda


Parents have an important role and a big role in increasing children's interest in reading. Parents have more time with their children at home, directly monitoring and guiding children to read according to their children's interests. This study aims to obtain information subjectively and to describe the role of parents in increasing interest in reading both in providing facilities and in the form of the role of parents themselves in increasing reading interest in children aged 5-6 years. The type of research used by the researcher is qualitative with descriptive method. The data collection process was carried out through observation, interviews and documentation. Then use the stages of data analysis in the form of data collection, data reduction, data presentation, and verification/drawing conclusions. The results of the research are: the role of parents in providing facilities to increase interest in reading is by: 1) Providing a Small Library at Home which contains reading books that are liked and interested by children, 2) Providing a conducive reading environment. Meanwhile, the role of parents in increasing children's interest in reading at UMP Laboratory PAUD as conveyed by Erna Ekawati as follows: 1) Providing Reading Time with children; 2) Guiding and Supervising Children's Reading: 3) Reading stories or fairy tales to children in their spare time or before going to bed; 4) Library Tour by visiting the city library, reading park and bookstore; 5) Bringing in a Reading Lesson Teacher as a substitute role for parents who have activities outside the home.

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