Yunikorniati Yunikorniati, Ismunandar Ismunandar, Winda Istiandini


Korniati, Yuni. 2022. ''Function of Ajat Temuai Datai Dance at a Welcoming Ceremony in Sungai Antu Village, Sekadau Regency''. Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. Tanjungpura University. Pontianak. Supervisor I Ismunandar, SH, S.Sn, M.Pd and Supervisor II Winda Istiandini, S.Pd, M.Pd.
This study aims to describe the function of the Ajat Temuai Datai dance at the Welcoming Ceremony of the Mualang Dayak Tribe in Belitang Hulu District, Sekadau Regency. The research uses descriptive methods in the form of qualitative and anthropological approaches. The source of the data in this research is Mr. Bani Suhendra, Mr. Petrus, and Mrs. Mini who knows the Ajat Temuai Datai Dance as well as a traditional figure. Data collection techniques in the form of observation, interviews and documentation. The technique of testing the validity of the data is source triangulation. The results of this study are 1) The function of the Ajat Temuai Datai dance as a ceremony / ritual seen from the implementation process, this dance is performed during the welcoming process and there are several offerings that need to be prepared for the performance process such as preparing pork, chicken, grilled lemang, chicken eggs , palm wine, yellow rice (raw), and cooked rice. 2) The function of the Ajat Temuai Datai dance as a public performance aims to enliven or celebrate event such as welcoming important guests and the Gawai Dayak party. In the implementation there is no element of ritual or offerings that need to be prepared.
Keywords: Function, Ajat Temuai Datai Dance, Sungai Antu . Village

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