Muhammad Aditya Helmi, Yeni Yulianti, Rusilanti Rusilanti


This study aims to develop a video tutorial that can be, used as a learning medium for non-alcoholic mocktail material in F&B Services subject, as well as to analyze the feasibility level of the media that was developed. This research is using Research and Development (R&D) method and adapting ADDIE development model, with the following development stages: (a) Analysis; (b) Design; (c) Development; (d) Implementation; and (e) Evaluation. In the evaluation stage, media product trials were carried out to media experts, material experts, linguists, then individual tests were carried out to 3 people, small group tests were 5 people and large group tests were 20 people. The value obtained from media experts is 87.1%, the value obtained from material experts is 80%, the value obtained from linguists is 82.8%, which the value given from all experts to this media falls into the good category. The presentation of the value obtained in the individual test is 96.4% which means that this video tutorial learning media is in the very, good category, the small group test results get a value of 91.7% which is included, in the very good category, and the percentage of large group test results is also get a value of 91.9% which is also included in the very good category. In conclusion, based on the value given by the experts and students showed that the mocktail drink video tutorial learning media was appropriate to be used as a learning medium in the F&B Services course.

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