Syntia Maulina, Muhamad Ali, Lukmanulhakim Lukmanulhakim



This study aims to determine the teacher's understanding in improve empathetic behavior in Al-Kautsar Islamic Kindergarten, South Pontianak. Because the importance of empathy from an early age to be able to understand the situation of others well. The general purpose of this research is to describe understanding teacher on empathetic behavior at Al-Kautsar Islamic Kindergarten, South Pontianak. By This research specifically aims to find out how the teacher's understanding of in increasing empathetic behavior in children, what are the strategies carried out by the teacher, how is the evaluation carried out by the teacher in improving empathetic behavior. The research method used is descriptive with form of qualitative research. The source of this research data consists of 1 teacher class B1 and 10 children as research subjects. Data collection tool are interview guidelines, observation guidelines, documentation data and notes field. Sources of data are teachers and students in class B1. After data collected data is presented to then draw conclusions. From the results of the study obtained teacher understanding in improving empathetic behavior in Al-Kautsar Islamic Kindergarten, South Pontianak, where it was found that children can behave empathically well even though it looks like there are still some children who still lack empathy for their friends, as well as the teacher is very play an active role in guiding and directing children to get used to empathize with peers. The suggestions given are (1) the teacher is expected can make an activity in the form of a game while telling stories that can stimulate children to empathize, (2) teachers and parents should be more frequent communication regularly to help grow children's development in empathy for others, (3) the teacher should also uses the habituation method of the field trip method to applying empathetic behavior to children in playing activities with friends peers, sharing activities, and in showing tolerance, (4) Share Future researchers are expected to be able to find a problem regarding teacher understanding in improving children's empathetic behavior.

Keywords: Empathic Behavior, In Improving, Teacher's Understanding

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