Arif Pandani, Patriantoro Patriantoro, Agus Syahrani



Lexicon of cultural objects is a component of language communication that contains the
meaning and use of words in language. Cultural objects for the Dayak Jalai (MDJ)
community in general is something that is closely related in a traditional tradition or ritual
that still continues to be carried out one generation to the next generation for generations
by the Dayak Jalai community. Looking at the present, many people do not understand
about the real dayak culture by knowing or studying the use of each dayak cultural object.
This is the reason researchers choose cultural objects in the Dayak Jalai community. The
wisdom of the diverse traditions of Dayak Jalai customs becomes a different characteristic
of other dayak subsuku. The research was conducted in Belanai Hamlet, Bikusarana
Village of Jelai Hulu Subdistrict, Ketapang Regency is a place of settlement of indigenous
Dayak Jalai people. This study includes the form of lexicon lingual units, lexical meaning,
cultural meaning and plan for the implementation of research on cultural objects of dayak
jalai community towards learning in schools.
Keywords: Cultural Objects, Dayak Jalai society, Lexicon.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26418/jppk.v11i3.53490


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