Liana Natasia Ersa, Hotma Simanjuntak, Agus Syahrani



Ersa, Liana Natasia. 2021. The Agentive Movement Verbs in Dayak Mali Language.
Thesis. Language and Art Department, Indonesian Language Education Study
Program, Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Universitas Tanjungpura
Pontianak. The First Supervisor is Drs. Hotma Simanjuntak, M.Hum., Ph.D. and The
Second Supervisor is Agus Syahrani, S.Pd. M.M.S.Ling. The title of this research is
The Agentive Movement Verbs in Dayak Mali Language. The general problem in this
study was divided into four sub-problems, the first was an inventory of agentive
movement verbs in the Dayak Mali language, the second was the word form of the
agentive movement verbs in the Dayak Mali language, the third was a description of
the meaning of the agentive movement verbs in the Dayak Mali language, and the
fourth was the implementation of the learning implementation plan in Senior High
School. This study aimed to make an inventory of the agentive movement verb data, to
discover the word form, to discover the lexical meaning of agentive movement verbs,
to discover the grammatical meaning of agentive movement verbs, and to implement
a lesson plan in Senior High School class XI 2013 curriculum odd semester. This
research used the descriptive method with qualitative study. The source of data was
Dayak Mali language spoken by the native speakers in Cowet Village, Balai
Subdistrict, Sanggau Regency, which was represented by three informants. The
techniques of data collection were one-on-one interview, note-taking, recording, and
hooking techniques. The research instruments were voice recorder, questionnaire,
notebook, pen. This research discovered 33 agentive movement verbs in Dayak Mali
language. The word form used in Dayak Mali language was a single word/monofermic
with 22 lexemes, polymofernic consisting of affixation with 2 lexemes, reduplication
with 2 lexemes, phrases with 7 lexemes, and compounding not found in this study.
Based on the agentive movement verbs meaning description, there were 22 lexemes
for the lexical meaning and there were 11 lexemes for the grammatical meaning.
Keywords: Agentive Movement Verbs, Dayak Mali Language, Word Form.

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