Ismi Lamisatul Salsabilah, Muhammad Basri, Syamsuri Syamsuri



This research was conducted in Kecamatan Kapuas, Sanggau, Kalimantan Barat. The
purpose was to determine the morality economic behavior of the Sanggau Kapuas
Malay community seen on imperative criteria, generalization, symmetry, intrinsic
motivation, and internalization processes. The research approach used is
phenomenological qualitative research. Ten informants were determined using
snowball sampling. Techniques of data collection used interviews and direct
observation. Research findings are as follows: 1) Imperative criteria shown in local
wisdom; (a) Paradje through Tolak Ajong ritual; (b) Marriage customs through Sirih
Kocik and Sirih Bosar deliveries; (c) Kalengkang embroidery for the observance of the
use of motifs; 2) Generalization criteria shown in local wisdom; (a) Paradje held
annually; (b) Marriage customs through Pengarik rituals; (c) Kalengkang embroidery
on how artisans promoting clothes; 3) Symmetry criteria shown in local wisdom;
(a) Paradje still held during the pandemic; (b) Marriage customs through places
consideration; (c) Kalengkang embroidery on equal rights of prices clothing; 4)
Intrinsic motivation criteria shown in local wisdom; (a) Paradje regarding selling
permits; (b) Marriage customs through Somah Ta'zim ritual, and 5) Internalization
processes demonstrated through paths; (a) Formal education by providing contextual
examples in schools; (b) Formal education by training; (c) Informal education through
parental roles.
Keywords: Economy, Malay Society, Moral Behavior

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