Ibnu Dwi Atmojo, Martono Martono, Antonius Totok



This research is motivated by the desire of researchers with the aim of finding
intertextual relationships in Ahmad Fuadi's Novel Trilogy. The problem in this research
is how is the intertextual relationship of the characters/characters, setting, plot and
implementation in learning in high school class XI semester 1? The method used in this
research is descriptive method and qualitative form. The approach is intertextual. The
data source is the Novel Trilogy by Ahmad Fuadi. The data in this study is that there is
an intertextual relationship between characters/characters, setting, plot. The technique
used is documentary by reading, identifying, classifying, testing and the data collection
tools are humans and note cards. The technique of checking the validity of the data is
persistence of observation, triangulation, and peers. The data analysis techniques are
data collection, data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions.The results
of the analysis found the intertextual relationship between the hypogram and the

transformation of the characters, namely unyielding, respect for parents, self-
confidence, adult nationalist arrogance, grumpy. Intertextual relationships include

Pondok Madani, Unpad, United States, mosque minarets, Bang Togar's house, Alif's
boarding house, Bandung, library. The intertextual relationship of the plot includes
happy ending, backward plot, early exposure stage.
Keywords: Intertextual, Trilogy, Implementation.

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