Siti Nabila, Urai Salam, Endang Susilawati



This study was a pre-experimental research aimed to investigate the effectiveness of Socratic Seminar to improve critical thinking skill on Analytical Exposition Text. There were 38 students of MAN 2 Pontianak in academic year 2017/2018 involved as the participants. The data was collected by using observation and measurement technique. The data analysis showed that the mean score of pretest was 1.05 which indicated that the qualification of students’ skill in critical thinking is Unsatisfactory. After having the treatment through Socratic Seminar method, the mean score of students’ skill in critical thinking was 2.33 in the posttest, which indicated that the qualification was Below Satisfactory. According to the both means score, t-test score was calculated and the researcher found that the result of t-test was greater than t-table (16 > 1.73) which indicated that the Null Hypothesis (Ho) was rejected and the Alternative Hypothesis (Ha) was accepted. The number of effect size was 3.58 (ES > 0.8 = very strong) which indicated that Socratic Seminar method had a very strong effect to improve students’ ability in critical thinking. Based on the research findings, the researcher concluded that the use of Socratic Seminar method was effective to improve students’ critical thinking skill.

Keywords: Analytical Exposition Text, Critical Thinking Skill, Socratic Seminar,

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