Lina Purwati, Regaria Tindarika, Nurmila Sari Djau


Abstract This research was motivated by the researcher's desire to describe the form and meaning of the Persembahan Melayu Riau Archipelago Dance Properties. This was because when performing this dance, the property that is brought is only served to honored guests, of course there is a meaning contained in the property so that the property is only served to honored guests. This research used descriptive method in a qualitative form and used the semiotic approach and dance ethnology. Based on the data analysis, it can be ignored that the analysis of the property meaning of the Riau Islands Malay Persembahan Dance is as follows: The Persembahan dance is a dance that welcomes distinguished guests using a property called Tepak Sirih. Tepak Sirih is shaped like a beam that symbolizes assertiveness and has a red color that symbolizes a brotherhood, green symbolizes fertility, yellow symbolizes royal power. Tepak Sirih has components in it, namely Betel, Areca, Lime, Gambir and Tobacco. Each of these components has an individual meaning. Betel symbolizes togetherness, chalk symbolizes a clean and holy heart, areca symbolizes a genuinely good offspring, gambier symbolizes a courageous heart, tobacco symbolizes self-sacrifice. Kata Kunci: meaning , offerings dance ,Property,

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