Chakim Musthofa, Aunurrahman Aunurrahman, Fadillah Fadillah



This research aimed to produce learning media product in digital literacy multimedia. Digital literacy multimedia was developed using Powtoon and weblog. The steps of multimedia development were carried out by taking into account the assessment of design experts, learning material experts, media experts and students. This research used research and development methods with Dick & Carey’s learning design development model. Data collection techniques used observation, direct communication (interviews), indirect communication (questionnaire) and documentaries. The steps  of research are develop digital literacy multimedia design, find out digital literacy multimedia profiles, test the effectiveness of informatics understanding using digital literacy multimedia. Based on the test of student learning outcomes taken from the pretest and posttest scores obtained an average value different from 58.33 (pretest) to 79.17 (posttest). The result also showed that the interpretation of the N-Gain value was 56.8% included in “sufficient category”. While the average N-Gain score is 0.5678. It was included in “the moderate level of effectiveness”. Thus it can be concluded that the use of digital literacy multimedia was effectively enough to increase informatics understanding in class X students at SMAN 9 Pontianak in the academic year 2019/2020.

Keywords: Digital Literacy, Informatic, Instructional Technology, Multimedia.


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e-ISSN : 2715-2723