Syahrudin Syahrudin, Usman Radiana, Fadilah Fadilah



Management is the science, art and process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling organizational resources, which is carried out with people to achieve predetermined goals. The management process is closely related to the success of the Special Skills Scholarship program at SMK. This research uses qualitative research methods with the type of phenomenological research. Sources of data in this study were the principal, the Chair of the ATPH and APPAT Expertise Program, the vice principal of Student Affairs, the students who received the BKK class X and the sample XI class at SMK Negeri 1 Selakau Timur. Data collection procedures through observation, interviews, and documentation. Data analysis used interactive data analysis, namely data reduction, data presentation and verification. Checking the validity of the findings is done through triangulation and member check. The results of the study were: 1) planning was carried out by socializing the BKK program, filling in the list of prospective recipient students to Dapodikdasmen through school operators, making cover letters for disbursing funds to Distributing Banks, and making reports on scholarship recipients, 2) organizing carried out by granting authority by the school principal to the deputy principal in the field of student affairs to manage and then form a team or organizational structure for the implementation process flow from planning to the disbursement process, then administered in the dapodik through uploading data by school operators, 3) implementation starts from the process of proposing prospective recipient students and uploading them to dapodik, verification from the Directorate of PSMK and in the SK-kan gradually, 4) supervision is carried out by controlling the use of BKK funds, and submitting reports on the receipt of BKK funds to the Directorate of PSMK. Special Skills Scholarships can develop the talents of scholarship recipient students from the use of scholarships, schools carry out supervision through the BKK implementation team starting from the implementation to the use of funds by students and periodic reporting both at the school and the appointed bank channel.


Keywords: Special Expert Scholarship, Management


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e-ISSN : 2715-2723