Marsela Winda, Rini Muharini, Rahmat Rasmawan


This study aimed to determine the feasibility of the Chemical Laboratory Equipment Encyclopedia developed based on the results of expert tests, responses of students and teachers based on the results of the readability test. The form of this research was research and development who adopted the ADDIE development model. The subject of this study was the Encyclopedia of Chemical Laboratory Equipment which was tested on 10 students of Santu Petrus Pontianak High School and 10 students of Chemistry Education FKIP UNTAN. Data collection instruments used were the feasibility assessment sheet and the response questionnaire. The results of data processing showed that the encyclopedia developed is feasible to use in terms of the feasibility of the material with a value of 98% validity, the value of language validity and graphic 1. Based on the calculation of the percentage of students and teacher responses questionnaire by 95% and 96.25%. This showed that the response of students and teachers to the encyclopedia of chemical laboratory equipment was classified as a very good category.
Keyword: Chemical Laboratory Equipment, Encyclopedia,Development.

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e-ISSN : 2715-2723