Annisa Pratami Khairunnisyah, Imran Imran, Izhar Salim


The title of this research is The Role of Teacher in Increasing Students’ Interest in Literacy for Learning Sociology (A descriptive research at Year-11 Students of SMA Negeri 3 Pontianak in Academic Year 2019/2020). The general problem in this research is how the role of teachers in increasing the students’ Interest in literacy for learning sociology in classroom. The purpose of this study is to determine how the teachers’ roles as the motivator, educator and also facilitator in classroom to increase students’ interest in literacy particularly for reading and writing aspects in Sociology. The researcher used qualitative approach in this study. In collecting the data, the researcher used three types of data collection technique such as observation, interviews, and documentation. Furthermore, the researcher used four tools of data collection, observation guides, Interview questions, fieldnotes, and camera. In analyzing the data, the researcher used data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion. There are six research participants in this study, a sociology teacher, and five students at year-11 of SMA Negeri 3 Pontianak. The research finding indicate that the teacher’s role as the educator, facilitator, and motivator in increasing the students' interests in literacy for reading and writing in learning sociology has been carried out in the classroom. The teacher's role as motivator and educator has conducted the literacy activities in classroom for the students in learning sociology. Therefore, the students’ interest in reading and writing was increase in learning sociology. And, in the role of the teacher as a facilitator it does exist, the teacher was frequently provide opportunity to the students and appreciate every opinions from them.
Keywords: Literacy, Sociology Learning, Teacher's Role

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