Sukriadi Sukriadi, Regina Regina, Eusabinus Bunau




The purpose of this research is to describe how the use of pictures improves the students’ vocabulary mastery. The form of this research is a classroom action research, in which the subject is seventh-grade students of SMP N 2 Pontianak in Academic Year 2018/2019 consisting of 25 students in class 7C. The data were collected through observation and measurement techniques. The tools of data collecting are tests, field notes, and interview guides. Based on the data, the students showed improvement in the learning process. The students became more focused on teaching-learning activity and participation in doing the test. Based on the result of the test, 8 out of 25 (32%) of the students passed. In the second cycle, 14 out of 25 (56%) of the students passed. In the third cycle, 21 out of 25 (84%) of the students passed. and the students’ enthusiasm to pay attention and follow every activity during the learning process. Furthermore, the students can understand the meaning of new vocabulary easier because the pictures attracts students’ attention. Therefore, based on the students’ improvement, it can be inferred that pictures can improve students’ vocabulary mastery through attractive visual and complex information.

Keywords: Improving, Vocabulary, Picture.



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e-ISSN : 2715-2723