Wahyu Mulya Ningrum, Muhammad Asrori, Muhammad Syukri




The principal is a functional teacher who is given the task to lead a school where teaching and learning processes are held. Management carried out by the principal to achieve the requirements of an independent school is one of them implementing the moving class system. This research was conducted with the aim to obtain information and actual clarity regarding the management of the principal of SMP Negeri 3 Sungai Kakap in implementing moving class. This research was conducted using qualitative descriptive research methods based on natural data in the form of words in describing the object under study with a case study approach. In collecting data, researchers act as research instruments. The data collected is planning, organizing, implementing, evaluating moving classes. The data was obtained through two data sources, namely informants and documents. Data collection techniques are carried out through in-depth interviews, participant observation and documentation. Testing the validity of the data by triangulation and member checking. The data is then analyzed with the concept of Miles and Huberman, namely through data reduction, data presentation, conclusion or verification. The results of the study concluded that the planning of moving classes in SMP Negeri 3 Sungai Kakap had been done either by 1) gathering information related to sources supporting the implementation of moving classes, 2) determining the purpose of moving classes, and 3) socializing the implementation of moving classes to teachers, students and school Committee. The organizing of the moving class in Sungai Kakap State Junior High School 3 has been carried out well by organizing the teaching staff into the moving class management team, the person in charge of the classroom, and the homeroom teacher as a member / executor of the moving class learning system task. The implementation of the moving class in SMP Negeri 3 Sungai Kakap all ran optimally as planned. Evaluation of the moving class at SMP Negeri 3 Sungai Kakap was routinely carried out by the principal so that the principal could know the extent to which the success or failure of the implementation of the moving class learning system.


Keywords: Management, school principal, and moving class.


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