Yuyun Pradiyanti, Imran Imran, Supriadi Supriadi



The title of this thesis is "The role of the Council of Ta'lim Al-Hidayah in the application of religious values in teenagers in Nanga Embaloh village, Kapuas Hulu District. The purpose of this research to describe the role of the Council of Ta'lim in the form of the development of religious values, the role of the Council of Ta'lim in the form of religious values, the role of the Council of Ta'lim in the form of religious values and the role of the Council Ta'lim In the form of conveying the idea of tilapia-religious values in teenagers. The study was conducted by a descriptive research method using qualitative forms. The research techniques used are observation techniques, and documentation techniques with data collection tools in the form of observation and interview guidelines. The results showed that in general, the Ta'lim assembly Al-Hidayah has performed its role as prescribed, although there are still shortcomings in which teenagers are still not able to follow or apply all that has been taught. In doing his role the Council of Ta'lim made several attempts, such as; 1. Provide coaching 2. Give the discussion container 3. Give a positive boost. The role of the Council of  Ta'lim Al-Hidayah is: 1. Fostering and developing the religion of Islam in forming a community that fear Allah to Allah SWT 2. Doing spiritual recreation 3. Tighten the ropes of Silaturrahmi 4. As a media the delivery of ideas is beneficial for the development of Ummah and nation. The role of Ta'lim assembly in applying religious values in adolescent members of the Ta'lim Council has been well done but there are still teenagers who have not been able to apply the religious values that have been taught.

Keywords: Religious Values.Ta'lim Council, Youth


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