Ahmad Yani, Indri Astuti, Luhur Wicaksono



People who are independent in learning are the key to obtaining extensive information. In this case someone is able to learn on their own, can determine how to learn effectively, be able to do the task of learning well and be able to carry out independent learning activities to make someone can achieve optimal development and have a better direction. The general problem in this study is: "How to increase students' learning through group guidance services in class X of MAN 2 Kapuas Hulu Science. While the sub-problems are: (1) How is the independence of students learning before being given group guidance services in class X of Kapuas Hulu MAN Science 2, (2) What is meant by group assistance service planning to increase students' independence in class X MAN Science 2 Kapuas Hulu, (3) How to improve group learning services to improve students' learning independence in Kapuas Hulu 2 nd grade MAN Science, (4) How to improve learning independence according to the needs of participants in MAN 2 Kapuas Hulu class X IPA students . Variables for this study consist of problem variables: learning independence, action variables: Group guidance, Research Subjects totaling 8 Kapuas Hulu State Islamic Senior High School students who have low levels of learning independence with indicators that are (1) Self-conscious, (2) Careful , (3) Individualistic, and (4) Mandiri. The method used is descriptive and be method For his research is Counseling Guidance Action Research. Data collection techniques with questionnaires, observations, interviews, while the data analysis techniques use the percentage formula and T-Test formula. Based on the results of research on independence, learning research subjects after being given an action to provide group guidance reached 88% in the "high" category.


Keywords: Group Guidance, Learning Independence


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