Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension of Narrative Text through Comic Strips

Ryan Jaya Maulana, Albert Rufinus, Endang Susilawati



The aim of this research was to improve the students’ reading ability, especially in comprehending a narrative text. This research was conducted at the tenth grade students of SMAN 2 Sungai Raya in academic year 2016/2017. In this research, the subject was XA that consists of 34 students. The researcher conducted a classroom action research. The data were collected by both measurement technique and observation. The tools of data collecting were observation checklist, field note, and test.Comic strips was used as the teaching media in this research which was conducted in two cycles. The research findings showed that students’ individual score, on the first cycle there were 18 students of 34 students passed the test. On the second cycle, 29 students passed the test. The reading comprehensionofnarrative text of the tenth grade students of A class of SMAN 2 Sungai Raya in academic year 2016/2017 improved by using comic stripsmedia


Keywords: Comic Strips, Narrative Text, Reading

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e-ISSN : 2715-2723