Ega Tiara, Iwan Supardi, Uray Salam



This study aims to observe the correlation between students’ motivation and their English learning achievement at the Eighth grade of SMP Negeri 2 Sambas in academic year 2016/2017. The sample of this study was the 38 students in class VIIIA. The English learning achievement in this study refers to the students’ English learning score. Based on the aim of the research, the researcher formulated study with correlational study. The students’ motivation score was obtained from questionnaire administered in the class. The questionnaire consisted of 20 items. This questionnaire was adopted from Gardner’s AMTB about motivation questionnaire for learners. For the students’ English learning score, the researcher got it through documentation from the English teacher. This English learning score was obtained from the students’ midterm test. In analyzing the data, the researcher used Pearson Product Moment in the program SPSS 16. The result from the calculation showed that the value of is -0.26. The researcher then compared it with at the significant degree 5% (0.355), the correlation between students’ motivation and their English learning achievement is negative ( : = -0.26 < 0.355). As a result, the alternative hypothesis which states that “there is correlation between X variable and Y variable” is rejected.


Keywords: Correlation, Students’ motivation, English Language Achievement

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