Ratna Mardawati, Patriantoro Patriantoro, Agus Syahrani



The Malay Nanga Pintas proverb study was conducted based on the existence of proverbs in the Malay community of Nanga Pintas which is currently rarely used. Proverbs can function as a form of advice, innuendo, praise, and the language of diplomacy. This study aims to inventory and classify the types of meanings, as well as the Malay proverb functions of Nanga Pintas. This research is expected to enrich the theory of Malay proverbs and Indonesian proverbs. The research of Malay proverb using Nanga Pintas descriptive method. The form of this research is qualitative which aims to increase the accuracy of researchers in systematically compiling research results. This study uses field research techniques with interview and observation.This study managed to inventory 74 proverbs. These proverbs are grouped in terms of types of proverbs including proverbs, parables, idioms, imagery, and similes. The Malay proverb of the proverbial type Nanga Pintas is 26 types, parables of 7 types, expressions (idioms) 22 types, pameo 0 types, tamsil 3 types, and allusion of 16 types. Classification of Malay proverb functions Nanga Pintas divides proverb functions, namely advice, innuendo, praise, and the language of diplomacy. Malay proverb Nanga Pintas, the function of advice is 12 types, 59 kinds of innuendo, 1 type of praise, and 2 types of diplomatic language.

Keywords: Proverbs, Malay, Nanga, Pintas

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