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The problem in this research is What is using the Picture and Pictured model to improve the skills of the enumerators in the first grade of the Schools of the State 02 Bengkayang? “The purpose of this research is to describe" the use of the Picture and Picture model to improve the skills oftheirvisitors of the Class III of The National Schools 02 Bengkayang ". The method used is a methodical methodology with information individual (PTK) and collaborative. Bengkayang State Elementary School 02, class III B which amounted to 37 people with the subject of classroom teacher research and vocational  III B. Data collecting techniques used are techniques observasion and Document techniques with the data gathering that is sheet IPKG 1 and sheet IPKG 2 and documents of learning outcomes. Research conducted 3 cycles The RPP in the first cycle of the third cycle is 3.14 with the categories ascertained, 3.24 are categorized as good and 3.83 are categorized very well. The assessment of the results of the implementation of the students in the first cycle 3.31 in both categories, 3.47 and 3.71 are excellent ment of skill achievement in first cycle of samples in third is 55.30%, 54.48%  and 63.45%. Rather than the data obtained can be inferred by the increment of each cycle. In such a way, the researcher uses the Picture and Pictured model in the lesson to write a sentence for the preparation of a paragraph in class.


Keywords: Model picture and picture, improve, write proficiency.


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