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This study aims to describe green school as a thematic learning park in low class State Elementary School 24 Tuan Tayan Hulu Sanggau.The research method used qualitative research. The setting of this research is at Tuan 24 State Elementary School with teacher class data source. Data collection tools: direct observation, in-depth interviews and documentation. Data analysis techniques: data collection, data reduction, data presentation and conclusion. Techniques to check the validity of data: extension of observation, increasing perseverance, triangulation and member check. The results of this study can be concluded: 1) Green School learning plan that is: program planning, facilities and infrastructure, financing and personnel, 2) Implementation of green school learning that is: preparation before pursuing such as: preparing teaching materials, RPP, relevant guidebook and other supporting media, 3) The obstacle is that there are still students who are indifferent to their environment no matter the cleanliness of the environment, the lack of funds to build green school classes that are only sourced from BOS funds, 4) efforts to overcome obstacles is to instill self-awareness of students, the establishment of the existence of 7K team, support from the institution and school committee and the reward points and 5) The successful form of creating green school classroom is able to increase student learning outcomes and students learn to feel comfortable.

 Keywords: Green School, Thematic Learning

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