SIFAT FISIK DAN MEKANIK PAPAN PARTIKEL DARI KULIT DURIAN (Durio sp) DENGAN KONSENTRASI UREA FORMALDEHID YANG BERBEDA Physical and Mechanical Properties of Particle Board from Durian Bark (Durio sp) with Different Concentration of Urea Formaldehyde

Su herti, Farah Diba, Nur haida


This research aims to utilize waste from bark of durian fruit that accumulate most of the year in Pontianak city. Durian bark made ​​into a particleboard as materials for furniture. Durian bark was made into particle with size pass of 8 mesh and retain on 20 mesh. The adhesive used was urea formaldehyde with a concentration of 12%, 14% and 16% with catalyst additives and paraffin. Particle board is made with size 30 cm x 30 cm x 1 cm with density of 0.6 g/cm3 at a pressure of 25 kg/cm2 and hotpress temperature of 140oC for 10 minutes. Evaluation the physical properties (density, moisture content and thickness swelling) and mechanical properties (modulus of elasticity, modulus of rupture, and internal bonding) was conducted according to standard JIS A 5908-2003. The results of research showed the average value of particleboard that meets the standards JIS A 5908-2003 is the density, moisture content, and internal bonding with concentration of adhesives was 14% and 16%, and the modulus of elasticity at a concentration of 16%. Meanwhile the value of the modulus of rupture not meets the standards JIS A 5908-2003.

Keywords: Durian bark fruit, particleboard, mechanical properties,

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