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Vitex pubescens Vahl is one of the many types of wood that grows in West Kalimantan. Vitex pubescens Vahl grow well in primary and secondary forests and on open lands burnt. People use Vitex pubescens Vahl for energy wood. The study of mycorrhizal fungi asosiation in Vitex pubescens Vahl aim to get the types of mycorrhizal and mycorrhizal density in Vitex pubescens Vahl stands. This research uses descriptive method by taking soil samples in the  rhizosfere some level Vitex pubescens Vahl tree poles and trees. At each stage of growth Vitex pubescens Vahl each taken 3 plants. The results obtained in the Vitex pubescens Vahl stands found that eight  morphotife. Obtain research results that the residual laban found eight CMA morfotipe spores which are all included in the genus Glomus. AMF spore density in stands of depth small trees   (0-10 cm) with a spore density of 28-78 with a mean of 40 the number of spores and depth (10-20 cm) with a spore density of 35-75 with a mean of 54 the number of spores at a level depth tree (0-10 cm) with a spore density of 25-65 with a mean of 54 the number of spores and depth (10-20 cm) with a spore density of 26-51 with a mean of 32 number of spores.

Key word: Vitex pubescens Vahl, assosiation,  mycorrhizal, rhizosfere, glomus

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