Tri Mulyana, Erianto Erianto, Siti Masitoh Kartikawati


Birds are aves class that have ecological, economic and socio-cultural functions. For the community, birds are used as pets and trading. The trading wild birds in Kubu Raya Regency for  the last 3 years has greatly increased, along with the rise of the song birds contest this has made birds become  popular pet among the people in Kubu Raya Regency. This study aims to determine the protection status of traded bird species in Kubu Raya Regency. This research used survey and observation methods, the technique of respondent data collecting usedsnowball sampling, which is to determine the key of respondents who are people had extensive knowledge of bird trading activities in Kubu Raya Regency. The results of the study there are 11 respondents that is  3 hunter categories, 1 collecting category and 7 bird shops / traders. The results obtainedthere are 572 traded birds consisting of 39 species belonging to 21families. The originlocation of the traded birds came from different regions that is Kubu Raya, Jungkat, Sambas, Tayan, Pahuman, Ketapang, Sintang, Badau, and Putussibau. There are 10 protected birds species including 4 species according to Indonesian Law, 1 bird species in the CITES Appendix II category (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and 8 bird species listed in the IUCN Red List category (International Union For the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources).

Keyword :  Bird Species, Trading Of Bird, Protection Of Bird, Kubu Raya

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