Ria Sari Ramadhani, Reine Suci Wulandari


Mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni) is one of the popular tree species for wood products whose productivity can be increased starting from nurseries. To meet the high demand for wood, it is necessary to cultivate both in the form of natural forest rehabilitation and plantation forest development. In order for the planting effort to succeed, in addition to the selection of tree species that are suitable for local environmental conditions, the use of quality seeds is also necessary, so that the growth of plants or stands that are built grows optimally. While to obtain quality seeds can be taken through the use of quality seeds, intensive maintenance and optimizing the nutrient content that is sufficient in the growing media in the nursery. The aim of the study was to obtain the proportion of planting media mixture in the form of ultisol, cocopeat and chicken manure to support the growth of the best mahogany seedlings in the nursery. The experimental design used was a completely randomized design with six treatments and five replications. The treatment tested was the ratio of planting media mixture consisting of M0 (ultisol), M1 (7 ultisol : 0 cocopeat: 4 chicken manure), M2 (7 ultisol : 1 cocopeat: 3 chicken manure), M3 (7 ultisol : 2 cocopeat: 2 chicken manure), M4 (7 ultisol : 3 cocopeat: 1 chicken manure) and M5 (7 ultisol : 4 cocopeat: 0 chicken manure). The variables observed included height (cm), diameter (cm), number of leaves (strands), wet weight (g), dry weight (g), root shoot ratio (g) and seed quality index. The results showed that the proportion of growing media significantly affected the height and number of mahogany leaves, but did not affect the diameter, wet weight and dry weight, root shoot ratio and seed quality index. Proportion of the right and efficient planting media is mixed planting media, cocopeat and manure in the M2 ratio (7 ultisol : 1 chicken manure: 3 cocopeat v / v / v).

Keywords: cocopeat, chicken manure, ultisol

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