Designing Book of Summary as Supplementary English Material for Senior High School at Students in the Remote Area

Beatrice Ellen Taufik


Teaching in remote area with limitation in facility makes the teacher is difficult in delivering the material. Furthermore, the students also easily get bored because of the learning activities does not interest them. However, the government asks the teacher to be creative and innovative to create the great generation. Unfortunately, the teacher in remote area could not follow the new regulation because the lack of facilities. Therefore, this research attempts to develop supplementary material to encourage the students in learning. It will help the students to acquire English, easy to understand and authentic material based on the students’ needs in remote area. ADDIE model was used in this research, and interview the teacher who has had teaching experience for over 10 years in remote area to be the interviewee and collaborator. The subject of this research is students in 1st grade a Senior High School in Ketapang in the Academic year 2021/2022. The form of supplementary material is expected to be the product in this research for help the teacher and the students in the remote area.


Design, Develop, ADDIE, Senior High School students, remote area

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